The Garden Diary

This diary is a record of just what is going on in the garden from day to day. We are going to write it chronologically but plan to duplicate the information in the blog posts so that if you are following the progress of the Milkwood Market Garden then you will get notification on the diary entries as they appear.

We hope that you will enjoy coming on this journey with us and would love you to comment on what we are getting up to but we want you to realise that this project is going to be really stretching us all. It is unlikely that we will have the resources to answer questions or even respond to many of the comments that you make. Our primary responsibility is to ensure a bountiful feast for the Milkwood table. A freshly picked ‘as local as you can get’  abundance for Asher, Kirsten & Nick, their extended family, interns, trainees, employees and of course all the students and visitors that make their way to this inspirational farm  – here we go . . . . . !


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