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Runner Bean Chutney

Runner Bean flowers.JPG

Here in Australia we are on the verge of spring and planting has begun in the Market Garden.

Kirsten has just posted a Blog about the joys of Scarlet Runner Beans which we love to grow at Milkwood, and one of our Canadian followers has asked for ideas for turning Runner Bean Abundance into good things for storing. Continue reading


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Week 22 in the OMG

A shorter week this week due to Australia Day and me being in Sydney for a funeral.  And some heavy rain during the day which prevented much work in the OMG.  However it continues to thrive and we are hauling out some wonderful weights of crops. And the spaghetti squash is romping away – maybe I planted too many !  Enjoy the views of the OMG at the end of Week 21 …

The mixed salad/mesclun plants in Row 2 are looking very fine. Row 3 has just had spinach cut out of it – with beetroot behind.

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Week 19 in the OMG

Another week of growth in the garden – it’s all looking good, but the weeds….. well please don’t look too closely ! Here’s a few images of the garden generally. But first, my main helper at the moment (what’s that about never acting with children or animals …. ?)

WOOFer Baz being helpful.... chewing on my gloves !

I put together a series of pictures taken clockwise around the OMG so Joyce & Micke at Allsun could see how we are doing. Talking on the phone is great, walking with them around the garden would be greater – but for now the wonders of the Internet allow for virtual touring – so here you are.  Enjoy a new year virtual tour of the Milkwood OMG.

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Week 18 in the OMG – and Happy New Year to all…

Christmas is over and the goose was fat – thank you Lloyd ! Rain fell – heaps (23mm in 20mins the day after Boxing Day) so everything around here is still very green. The OMG is looking very lush but the week was quiet and relaxed as our new WOOFer demonstrates !

Baz resting in the very helpful he is

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Week 14 in the OMG

In which we defeat the seedling-munching rodent but are challenged by the tomato-leaf-yellowing disease ….

Olivier demonstrating the ingenius handles on the completed rodent-proof propagation unit

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Week 11 in the OMG

The start of the Beetroot harvest

The warm sun and some rain last week has really pushed growth in the OMG.  In fact it’s almost going too fast ! but as we have a Permaculture Design Course coming up with 45 mouths to feed for the next 2 weeks this is no bad thing. Continue reading


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Week 10 in the OMG

Happy faces planting tomatoes - Tamara Gadzia and Kirsten Bradley ! Huzzah ...

It’s like sending your children into the world. After months of tender care the Solanaceae (Tomatoes, Eggplants and Capsicums) were planted into the Tomato spaceship and adjoining rows.  The sun had been shining again for a few days and the raised beds were nice and warm.  Everyone in our Milkwood Community has their own pet tomato planted by them – even our visiting guests Tamara and Kirk Gadzia who had come to present the Holistic Management Course. Continue reading


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