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Mid Winter memories


Our most lovely and excellent chefesse with one of her magnificent creations – all Milkwood’s own

Being a citizen of both hemispheres this post has two purposes : to inspire my family and friends up there in the world (for whom summer is just beginning … we hope – may you be blessed with a Milkwood Bounty this year); and for my antipodean friends and colleagues, as we venture out into frosty mornings to remind us of warmer days and copious crops. Continue reading


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Week 33 in the OMG


Warfare, Death and Destruction… well the latter anyway. Continue reading


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Week 29 in the OMG


Week 29 already, mid-March, 3 days to the Equinox – we had a debate here about the end of summer/start of autumn : is it 1 March or the Equinox ? There are various answers – whatever you decide the summer fruits are ending and winter crops going into the ground now. Above see Michael planting out Red Drumhead Cabbage in their soil blocks. Continue reading


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Week 28 in the OMG


“Rose” I called “More tomatoes”. There followed a muffled scream from inside the kitchen….. well who can blame her ?

In the past 2 months she has chopped, dried, reduced, baked, Vercoled and sliced 536kgs of the red beauties.

OK she has had some help from most of us (see the picture of Tomatoe lovelies above with cheery smiles) but the responsibility has been hers….

and not a bare foot has been used (sadly – oh to be in Italy or Spain …..). She told me the other day that she has now made over 150 Vercola jars = about 150 litres of chopped tomatoes and passata sauce. Not bad – and there are several tens of tomatoes still in the cool room. Continue reading


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Week 27 in the OMG


Has it been a wet week or wot…. 98mm up here in the hills that are home to Milkwood Farm and OMG – that’s 1/6th of the annual average.

So much rain fell on Thursday and Friday we feared a flood on the creek flat and so decided to dig up a lot of potatoes just in case and so they did not get washed away.

And here we are washing and inspecting them before storage in the dark of the Woolshed store room – amused by Baz and serenaded by the ever musical Harris in red gum-boots.

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Week 26 in the OMG


Another week of amazing harvests from the OMG – this time of ripe and luscious Roma Tomatoes (here wheeled in by an amazed Andrea)

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Week 25 in the OMG


I think this must be the star of the show this week – a seriously large and heavy Red Pear tomato (900gms).

And what a week for harvesting it has been – 101kg of fresh, organic, home-grown food thus :

Onions (15.8kg), Cucurbits (27.1kg), Fruits – mostly tomatoes (32.75kg), Beans (3.9kg), Potatoes (21.6kg), Salad leaves (1.3kg) – blog post to come of some of these beauties.

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