This blog is about growing good things to eat. It’s also about regenerative agriculture and producing good food in the face of climate change and an industrialized food system.

Milkwood Permaculture Farm is a smallholding high in the hills above Mudgee in central NSW, Australia. Rainfall is about 600mm in a good year and our frost-free growing season is about 5 months.

We do a lot of different things at Milkwood Farm. This blog, however, is about getting serious about our vegetable supply – can we feed our on-farm crew and many students from what we can grow here? It’s time to try. Wish us luck.

On this fabulous and very important adventure, we have good traveling companions. Here’s who will be piping up on this here blog:

Joyce Wilkie + Michael Plane – Joyce and Michael are master organic market gardeners who have made the incredibly kind offer to mentor us through this journey of figuring how the heck to grow vegetables really well.

They manage Allsun Farm and ‘The Gundaroo Tiller’, an innovative tool company for microfarming. Following early careers in earth sciences and education, they now farm at Gundaroo in NSW. They also instigated the growing the growers project.

Stephen Couling – Stephen is Milkwood’s first Organic Market Garden Trainee, as will be managing the Milkwood market garden in it’s first year from Spring 2011 until spring 2012. First of all, though, he’s off to Allsun Farm for a months internship.

Kirsten Bradley – Kirsten started Milkwood with her husband Nick Ritar in 2007. She runs Milkwood.net and Milkwood Permaculture from the farm, while parenting Ashar Fox (2), co-managing the farm and occasionally remembering to be the artist she functioned as in a former life.


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