Mid Winter memories


Our most lovely and excellent chefesse with one of her magnificent creations – all Milkwood’s own

Being a citizen of both hemispheres this post has two purposes : to inspire my family and friends up there in the world (for whom summer is just beginning … we hope – may you be blessed with a Milkwood Bounty this year); and for my antipodean friends and colleagues, as we venture out into frosty mornings to remind us of warmer days and copious crops.

The pictures that follow are chosen for their beautiful compositions (thank you Rose, accomplished photographer and magnificent chefesse) and for the beauty of their fruits and presenters !  Remembering also that this harvest was the fruit of many labours, a big thank you and hello to all our staff, interns and woofers wherever you are in the world. Milkwood misses you, your energy and wonderfulness. Winter days are quiet here. But hey-ho – this is the natural rhythm of the world. Winter is a the time for rest … if only our city brethren remembered this eh ?

On with the show – Remember ! Be inspired ! Enjoy !

IMG_9555.JPG IMG_9548.JPG

IMG_9558.JPG IMG_9573.JPG

Remember the spring onion madness ? Beetroots came up big too…… but nothing like the Red Pear tomato – this was the biggest we had @ 900gms

P1040148.JPG IMG_0559.JPG

Ooer, missus – that’s a big one you’ve got ! … and … my, wot a lot I’ve got !

IMG_0344.JPG IMG_0408.JPG

Leaves, flowers and fruits – spaghetti squash, eggplant and tomato

IMG_0414.JPG IMG_0096.JPG

Sweet peppers (capsicum) and tomatoes, cucumber, zuchini flowers

IMG_0343.JPG 12.02.04 - Blog Text_html_m77d0a2f3.JPG

Paul with salad ; Sophie with more salad and tomatoes

P1040036.JPG  IMG_0131.JPG

Just some of over 200 bottles of preserves made by Rose – that’s over 200 Litres of goodness for the winter and early spring

P1030783.JPG P1030874.JPG

Pictures here by Rose – just for the loveliness of them

P1030877.JPG P1040139.JPG

Beetroot and St Pierre tomato

P1040159.JPG P1040111.JPG

Baby red onion and cucumber

P1040070.JPG P1040146.JPG

Eggplant (Prosperosa) and Capsicum

P1030882.JPG P1040065.JPG

Garlic and Tomato (Olomovic)


Well folks, that’s all for now….. happy memories eh ? May all your carrots grow long and straight, and your tomatoes blush red. And for those of us in the chilly mid-winter – keep warm and dream of summer days to come.


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One response to “Mid Winter memories

  1. Sheena

    Dear Stephen,

    beautiful photos! Look at the gorgeous colours! so what is happening in the garden now? is it lying fallow under heaped-up straw or is there a winter crop? I hate to think how cold it is where you are – in Brisbane our days are sometimes under twenty and our nights half-way to Ipswich are around 3, I am sure you are not anywhere near those temperatures!

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