Week 33 in the OMG


Warfare, Death and Destruction… well the latter anyway. Following our early (?) frosts we decided it was time to put the garden to bed for the winter. So after the harvest comes the rooting out of the old plants. Dylan (Trevor’s eldest son) and Kenton (another valiant Canadian WOOFer) joust around while pulling up corn stalks – later chaff-cut for the compost.

IMG_1266.JPG IMG_1275.JPG

Meanwhile Michael gets on with cutting down the Bean Banjo which has been more than a musical success.

IMG_1322.JPG IMG_1324.JPG

The Cucumber Cathedral, which always looked so good, sadly did not get used to its full potential.

The cucumbers never got to clamber all over it due to that unfortunate hail storm. But note our great crowd of helpers.

It took community effort to put these structures up, and the same to bring them down – children included. It was a fun day.

IMG_1326-001.JPG IMG_1327-001.JPG

IMG_1332.JPG IMG_1365.JPG

Stages of removal – it’s a bit like moving home – all those things you carefully put up now come down. But all these structures were designed to be completely demountable as they will be put up again next spring but in a difference location in the Rotation Plan.

IMG_1338-001.JPG IMG_1318.JPG

Our Kirsten picking those last few green tomatoes (L) and Callista (another valiant Canadian WOOFer) pulling out Bean Banjo supports.

IMG_1340.JPG IMG_1357.JPG

and so the Tomato Spaceship is stripped of its plants (L) while Michael (R) holds up the really healthy root system of one of those plants which provided such an abundance of tomatoes this year (see figures at the end of this posting).

IMG_1374-001.JPG IMG_1373.JPG

View of the Tomato Spaceship just before the frame came down. It has been a huge success and held up nearly half-a-tonne of tomatoes.


Sophie adding to the piles of plant material which went off to our new giant composting system.

IMG_1386.JPG IMG_1390.JPG

And just as one season ends another begins – the eternal cycle of life and death…. our intrepid Canadians get down to some weeding, broad-forking (try saying that in a Canadian or North American accent and it conjures up other meanings – but you’ll have to work that out for yourselves or ask Kenton by email !) – and other bed preparations for winter crops and green manures.


We had some spare garlic left over so Sophie put them in the potato patch by the main gate. We’ll see how they do.


The (rather bare) OMG at the end of Week 33 and the end of Summer….. thanks for all the good things it provided us.

And just to give you the true meaning of this, I did the figures for the summer season :

42.90 ALLIUMS (Garlic, Onion)21.40 BRASSICAS (Bok Choi, Cima di Rapa, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Sprouts)192.90 CUCURBITS (Cucumber, Zuchini, Squash)821.27 FRUITS (Tomatoes, Rhubarb)117.20 LEGUMES (Peas, Beans)576.20 ROOTS (Beetroot, Carrots, Parsnips, Potatoes)111.42 SALAD CROPS (Leaves, Spring Onion, Radish)1883.29 GRAND TOTAL
Potatoes : 537.3 kg (we planted 96 kg which gives a return rate of 5.6:1 – we thought 3-4:1 would be a good crop)Tomatoes : 734 kg
We should have done better with Beetroot and Cucumber/Zuchini – we had a failure of germination with the former and hail-storm damage with the latter….. but overall we think that’s a pretty reasonable achievement for the first year. Onwards and Upwards for the next season.


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8 responses to “Week 33 in the OMG

  1. Wendy Muffet

    Inspiring (and entertaining)
    stuff Stephen!

  2. Wow, that’s pretty amazing bro. That’s alot of harvest, nearly 2 tones! Looks like you’re enjoying yourself down there Stephen, that’s what we want. Talk soon 😉 Zach.

  3. Jacqui

    ..”a pretty reasonable achievement”..???????? I’m gobsmacked. Thanks for the blog updates. May the weather be kind for future crops!

  4. Michelle

    Truly amazing results for such a short timeframe ! I would be wrapped to get HALF that amount !! By the way Stephen – do you ever give out/publish your rotation plan ? Looking forward to OUR first frosts !
    Sthn Tassie

  5. I echo Jacqui – an amazing achievement. I wonder if you will continue updating over winter Stephen? We haven’t had a frost here yet but it’s only a matter of time with these very clear days and so I’m gleefully researching greenhouses for my baby seedlings. Hope you are very well and keeping warm!

  6. Kathryn

    Awe inspiring….have a safe trip…..love the frost photo. Hope Baz is well. hugs K x

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