The First Frost – Wednesday 11 April 2012


Light as a feather and silent as night, the first frost of winter falls and we waken to a white dawn….

And so it happened last Wednesday that summer was truly over. We knew that this frost, although not heavy (at -1C), would kill many things in the garden.  So after running around with the camera to record the magical beauty of frost, we set about harvesting all the remaining crops still on the vines. But first – here are some of frosty images. Enjoy.


Water vapour coming off the lower dam in the early morning light


Michael inspecting the chickens for frost-bite !!! against a magical white grass carpet.


The same grass, close-up.

IMG_1197.JPG IMG_1198.JPG

Borage, that quintessential summer flower, now in winter coat before it dies away.

IMG_1199.JPG IMG_1200.JPG

The frosty fronds of the Asparagus Bed.

IMG_1201.JPG IMG_1202.JPG

Raspberry leaves (L) and Globe Artichoke (R)

IMG_1238.JPG IMG_1240.JPG

Michael picking the last of the beans and Sophie with the Maize.

_MG_1257-001.JPG _MG_1260.JPG

Trevor’s partner Stoni and their younger son Marley plucking the last of the tomatoes


And finally the delicate beauty of a late pea flower dusted in frost….. farewell summer until next season.



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7 responses to “The First Frost – Wednesday 11 April 2012

  1. Sheena

    Beautiful photos! Thank you!

  2. David Randall

    … and welcome to slow cooked meals and red wine.

  3. debbiegatrill

    A white feather…you know who that is?! xx

  4. I wonder how long it will be before our frosts start here in Northern NSW. Lovely pictures 🙂

  5. Endellion

    Jack Frost is my favourite detective, if you’ll pardon a tangential reference. Do you get chillblains? I used to, in Tamworth. So how do you produce stuff in those conditions? Hothouse?

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