Week 29 in the OMG


Week 29 already, mid-March, 3 days to the Equinox – we had a debate here about the end of summer/start of autumn : is it 1 March or the Equinox ? There are various answers – whatever you decide the summer fruits are ending and winter crops going into the ground now. Above see Michael planting out Red Drumhead Cabbage in their soil blocks.


The four brassica beds being planted up – Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower. There will be more when the Bean Banjo comes down.

_MG_0879.JPG _MG_0898.JPG

And up in the kitchen garden the Tomatoes are at the end – the last fruits linger on the vine just before I picked them off. Interestingly the crop of Tomatoes from those plants in the Kitchen Garden has been a great deal lower than from the OMG, yet the soil in the KG is much richer as the beds were made as No-Dig gardens. The No-Dig work was done as there is no top soil at all and these beds are on rocky ground. So these beds hold water amazingly well – perhaps too well with all the rain we had over summer. I suspect the plants got a bit water-logged.

_MG_0913.JPG _MG_0936.JPG

Back in the OMG the cucurbits are also fading away – and they never really recovered from the tremendous beating of the hail storm on the night of 11 Feb (5 weeks ago). Having said that I still pulled off 15kg of gherkins and cucumbers today !

_MG_0916.JPG _MG_0938.JPG

This week I also picked the last of the Roma tomatoes….. what a success they have been : 306kg from 50 plants or 6kg per plant. Not too shabby I would say. And now our young Langshan chooks are grubbing out the weeds and feasting on the rotten Romas. They live in that frame which we call the ‘Sherman’ given its size. It was built by Nick’s father and, amazballingly serendipitous, it fits perfectly over 2 beds, is exactly 1/4 the length of a bed … and It was built before the garden was conceived ! How about that (big thanks to Karl Ritar.)


So here’s the OMG at the end of Week 29 with the Sherman in situ. The round thing to the right is a compost pile.


And finally, something we have not shown for a few weeks – the Potato Patch; about 1/3 of the potatoes have been raised so we expect another good crop from the rest.

Have a good weekend y’all.



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6 responses to “Week 29 in the OMG

  1. Jacqui

    Cor blimey. LOVE/Covet your Sherman!!!!

  2. Bit good isn’t it ! And how amazing that it fits our requirements so perfectly…. i reckon the Permie Goddess was guiding Karl’s hands the day he built it !

  3. Kathryn

    It all looks so grand and love your planting look. I go with the Equinox! I hope all is well in you wonderful planting world. Be well, be happy, be naughty….hugs K

  4. I like the blog site layout ! How did you make it? Its rather cool!

    • Hello there – I am very sorry it has taken so long to reply – still getting used to how WordPress works. This comment appeared on the Dashboard which I don’t look at very often.
      The Layout is simply one of many Templates available in WordPress. The number of templates available seems to grow each week !
      Hope you are well and thriving.

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