Week 28 in the OMG


“Rose” I called “More tomatoes”. There followed a muffled scream from inside the kitchen….. well who can blame her ?

In the past 2 months she has chopped, dried, reduced, baked, Vercoled and sliced 536kgs of the red beauties.

OK she has had some help from most of us (see the picture of Tomatoe lovelies above with cheery smiles) but the responsibility has been hers….

and not a bare foot has been used (sadly – oh to be in Italy or Spain …..). She told me the other day that she has now made over 150 Vercola jars = about 150 litres of chopped tomatoes and passata sauce. Not bad – and there are several tens of tomatoes still in the cool room.

But, alas (or maybe ‘thank god’ in her case) summer is over and the plants are coming to the end of their life


The same is true for the beans


but it has to be said that the Rose got a bit over beans too, not so long ago after I delivered the 65th kg in 3 weeks !

But here are some late summer beauties :

_MG_0828.JPG _MG_0830.JPG

My favourite Tomato Olomovic and a lovely ripe Eggplant Sfumata

Winter planting is well under way and here Michael and Berber are finishing a bed of swedes and leeks


(L) The row of swedes and leeks is on the left and parsnips on the right and (R) fronds of baby carrots waving in the breeze

_MG_0834.JPG _MG_0822.JPG

And so ends another week in the OMG


but before we go here is a picture of our late afternoon visitor today on the compost heap. S/He escaped unharmed …. so did we !




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4 responses to “Week 28 in the OMG

  1. Unfortunately not. It’s an Eastern Brown http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_brown_snake

    It’s not the MOST venomous snake in the world 🙂

    They are the second most common snake in this area after the Red Bellied Black which we’ve seen quite a few of this year. Thankfully we haven’t seen so many browns.

  2. I suspect this might be the one I encountered several times between Xmas and NY when I was scything purple-top. Fortunately Baz has not shown any interest in snakes …. yet !

  3. Ah right thanks Nick. I couldn’t tell from the photo. I haven’t come across any browns (yet) but I’m told they’re much more aggressive than the red bellies and I’ve seen enough of them to stay well away. Not sure if there are browns around here but there’s been a few red bellies squashed on the road 😦 not far from my place. The copperheads I’m told are quite common but I’ve only seen one in 9 years in the Highlands. That one was a baby and somewhat angry at being disturbed!

    I’ve felt very sorry for the reptiles this summer, hardly enough warm days to get about and get a feed. I think Mudgee has been warmer perhaps?

    Definitely need to keep Baz away from them!

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