Week 27 in the OMG


Has it been a wet week or wot…. 98mm up here in the hills that are home to Milkwood Farm and OMG – that’s 1/6th of the annual average.

So much rain fell on Thursday and Friday we feared a flood on the creek flat and so decided to dig up a lot of potatoes just in case and so they did not get washed away.

And here we are washing and inspecting them before storage in the dark of the Woolshed store room – amused by Baz and serenaded by the ever musical Harris in red gum-boots.

IMG_0715.JPG IMG_0717.JPG

Above the creek running high on Friday morning – it got higher later in the day; Baz inspecting the stream flowing over the road to the OMG

But earlier in the week we were able to get out into the garden for some hard hoeing and weeding – below our trusty and hard-working WOOFers (Berber, Michael (aka Zag) and Leigh) clearing out the North border for bee-forage and wind-break planting – with the results of their labours somewhat sodden !

IMG_0698.JPG IMG_0757.JPG

The result of all this rain is not a happy one for the tomatoes which are splitting – so a daily inspection and cropping is done to rescue the fruit from the ravages of the fruit fly.

IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0770.JPG

Above – cherry tomatoes split and their Red Pear cousins … still gorgeous and very tasty.

We also shelled all the Borlotti beans, dried them and put them in jars. However we lost half of the crop due to damp and mould. They had been ‘drying’ (!) out under the Woolshed but there has been so much moisture in the air this did not happen…. but we have rescued over 4kg and the rest are feeding the chickens who will convert them into eggs – nothing lost there.

IMG_0773.JPG  IMG_0774.JPG

Beans in bottles … tomato sauce/passata in Fowler jars – bottled sunshine really… just how Grannie used to do it. Folks – this is how we ought to live – I can say with hand on heart that not a single chemical or other adulteration has touched these fruits and seeds. This is simply the labour of our hands watered and fed by the good air and sun and ‘processed’ by Rose – untouched by mechanical hands !

IMG_0778.JPG IMG_0777.JPG

Other good things in the garden this week – new growth post-hail storm and new flowers on the beans !

IMG_0745.JPG IMG_0746.JPG

and the carrot seeds have germinated well this time thanks to a handy tip from our Market Gardener Michael :

when you have sown the carrot seeds, cover the rows with hessian and water well – keep the hessian damp and in a week there should be germination.

Voila ! we said, and Hoorah ! – here they are, 3 rows of little green shoots. Really folks, they are there (the camera does not quite do them justice in the gloom)

IMG_0667.JPG IMG_0742.JPG

Last week and this – you can just make out the green shoots.

And here are some pictures of ripening capsicums which are now looking lovely (but again need quick picking to stop rot in the dampness)

IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0738.JPG

Yellow Capsicum Corno Giallo ; Red Capsicum Corno Rosso

IMG_0731.JPG IMG_0732.JPG

Brown Capsicum Sweet Chocolate ; Orange Capsicum Gourmet Orange

… which brings me to the end of another week in the OMG – our usual summary shot below.


May I wish all my fellow soaked gardeners joy of the wet and the hope that you don’t get too much rot… which would be rotten.

And may your weeds remain seeds (a somewhat naive wish alas !)

Until next week…



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7 responses to “Week 27 in the OMG

  1. I feel for you! The rain here in the Southern Highlands has just been ridiculous. I’m picking my Roma tomatoes as soon as they get any sign of colour and ripening them inside. No split fruit so far, although the yellow pear cherry toms are splitting. Likewise the beans are rotting on the plants. Rescued some corn this morning so there’s only a few left out there. Loads of spuds just waiting for a chance for me to dig em up, but they can wait. Fantastic year for snails, ducks and frogs….if only I had some ducks to feed the snails to! First chance I get I’m ripping out everything that’s finished or nearly finished, weeding, de-snailing and planting out for winter. And that’s only on a backyard scale. You’re doing a fantastic job, keep up the great work!

  2. Potatoes store better with soil on.

    • Hi Katie – so you would just brush them, or leave the soil on, and not wash them ? We are washing to inspect them for damage/blemishes so that they will keep for a while – but we have a lot of people coming over the next few weeks so I don’t think we will be storing them for long. The rest will stay in the ground until needed.

  3. Jacqui

    So glad that you haven’t floated away. Love the blog. Don’t stop the handy hints- the carrot germination tip just terrific!

  4. Endellion

    Wotawetweek! But now we have sun. I hope yu do too. Have just caught up with your blog. Baz is on the way to becoming a Hollywood star. Can I have his autograph? No, not that wet one!The colours of your produce are truly luminous. Margaret Olley would have enjoyed them. Did yu see the winner of the Tasmanian Art Prize – and his art? Beautiful almost impressionistic of Port Arthur, but could have left Martin Bryant out methinks.
    How many dams do you have???
    Helen E.

    • Helen – a sunny week too -hoorah ! We have 2 dams for the garden – both overflowing… Baz does autographs for a fee now (so precious is he becoming with all the attention he gets on the farm, an admiring audience every day that he does not chew a shoe….)
      The colours are lovely – see a couple more in this week’s post)

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