Week 26 in the OMG


Another week of amazing harvests from the OMG – this time of ripe and luscious Roma Tomatoes (here wheeled in by an amazed Andrea)

You may have seen Kirsten’s latest blog-post of the harvest after the hail. Well we are now 2 weeks on from that and those Romas are sure ripening up well…


Cherry tomatoes doing pretty good too – here seen with a happy Rachel plucking them off on Friday….


… while Sophie and Rose get down to some serious baby spinach cutting.


Here is Sophie’s harvest of Eggplants, Sweet Corn and Capsicums (especially delightful are the Capsicum Sweet Chocolate)

IMG_0661.JPG IMG_0662.JPG

Sadly all is not entirely well with the OMG. That hail storm really beat down on the cucumbers (Left image) – we hoped that they would be up and over the Cucumber Cathedral by now.

The Zuchini are doing a little better with some new leaf growth but not as well as hoped. Maybe as we approach the end of summer the growing season is slowing down and the earth does not have the same energy it does in spring.


The same thing has happened with the Spaghetti Squash – those fruits that had set before the storm are growing and ripening well – but no new fruit has set since then, the shredded leaves are dying off and there is very little new growth. Still, we have done well from them.


We also got a good crop of Borlotti beans off these two beds (the beans are now drying under the Woolshed) and here the old stalks and weeds are being removed by Ashley, Rachel and Adrea and the bed made ready from some winter crops.


And here a second row of carrots has been planted. The hessian sacking is a suggestion of Michael Hewins (our most excellent Market Gardener and spring WOOFer). The sacking will keep the ground damp and aid germination of the carrot seed (my first row had a very poor germination rate so we shall see how this does.


And here is our usual picture of the OMG at the end of Week 26….. oh, and that pyramid structure is a chicken-run/tractor. It is housing the Langshan chickens and will be used to tractor OMG beds as they come clear of crops. Quite serendipitously it is wide enough to cover 2 beds and long enough to cover exactly a quarter bed length !



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8 responses to “Week 26 in the OMG

  1. Tough break with that hail storm Steven, although it still looks like you are getting more than enough to feed the troops. About one fifth of our tomatoes are ripening well at the moment and I just love having a bowl of juicy red homegrown ‘toms’ on the kitchen bench. The rest are poised on the brink of turning, and assuming no calamities, we will drying and saucing and maybe off loading some on friends.
    We’re about to start drying zucchinis and squash today because we are overloaded with various varieties and can’t get rid of them fast enough to keep up with the harvest.
    I have been using the hessian over the carrots for most of this season and have been getting good results, they take about 7-8 days.
    Thanks for the update,

  2. Jacqui

    Wonderful photos and fabulous updates. I hope that the carrot crop germinates and grows well for you.

  3. Lucinda

    It’s come a long way since we visiting in early October Stephen, SO awesome! We’re growing tomatoes and making sauce too, not quite on that scale though.. 🙂
    Love from way out west, Lucinda and Simon

    • Hello you two! GREAT to hear from you – come back and visit – the OMG is pretty awesome now but won’t last much longer now we are at the end of summer (what ‘summer’ we might ask !)
      How are things with you ?

  4. Hi Stephen, that’s an impressive barrowload of tomatoes. Sorry to hear that the cucumbers are not faring well. Good idea to use hessian on the carrots, I use damp newspaper but hessian sounds better. Mild weather down here in coastal VIC, and finally some good rain after a dry spell since Christmas … while everyone’s been cursing the rain up north. WAY too many eggplants!!

    • Hi Steve – I suspect you might amend your post to read ‘way too much rain’! I wish I could say the same about our eggplants – they are late and not so many as I would hope. But Tomatoes….. well, what a haul and it is not stopping yet either.
      Hope you are surviving the weather.

  5. All good here – the floods have hit the northeast hard, but down here on the coast we’ve just had a couple of decent falls, about 60 mm in the last week or so.
    Last year I had tomatoes until late June – hope you have a similarly extended harvest, although I guess early frosts are likely from May in your neck of the woods?

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