Week 25 in the OMG


I think this must be the star of the show this week – a seriously large and heavy Red Pear tomato (900gms).

And what a week for harvesting it has been – 101kg of fresh, organic, home-grown food thus :

Onions (15.8kg), Cucurbits (27.1kg), Fruits – mostly tomatoes (32.75kg), Beans (3.9kg), Potatoes (21.6kg), Salad leaves (1.3kg) – blog post to come of some of these beauties.

However we have had something of a set-back. I think it is one of Murphy’s laws (whoever Murphy was – anyone know ?) that the minute you go away for the weekend, disaster will strike. Last Friday night, just after I had left for Sydney, Milkwood had a huge hail storm which left drifts of whiteness still visible in the morning, and dropped 34mm of water. We really don’t need any more right now, nor the damaging effects…. more on this in another post.

Fortunately it seems most of the damage was done to leaves, although all the many flowers on the Tomato plants have gone – so we wait and hope for more.

The garden is recovering though, and the joy of fresh produce is not dimmed by hail damage on the surface. So we continue to enjoy that especial burst of flavour that only organic foods can give.

IMG_0414.JPG  IMG_0450.JPG

The greatest joy this week is undoubtedly the changing colour of the capsicums. On the left we have the unusual brown Capsicum Sweet Chocolate

IMG_0435.JPG IMG_0436.JPG

Above is Capsicum Gourmet Orange and (right) Corno Giallo just turning.


Meanwhile we have pulled most of our onions – some left to continue bulbing up. You may recall an earlier blog post about planting out Onions in quartets (per Eliot Coleman’s method). Here is the result – a nifty way of increasing the number of onions per metre and leaving space to weed around them.

IMG_0418.JPG IMG_0438.JPG

And of course our Tomatoes – what a joy ! but a little bealching by the sun is happening as the hail stripped away that protecting top layer of leaves (see image below). The fruit is still good though. ANd the Roma tomatoes are ripening fast so we await with expectation an explosion of tomato passata making.


A week ago there was a lush cover at the top of the vines – alas no more, and no more flowers.

But we live in hope of recovery. The plants are strong and healthy and the fruit just extraordinarily fecund.


So there we are – another week flown by on our OMG – basking happily in the sun. Have a good and tasty weekend.


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