Week 22 in the OMG

A shorter week this week due to Australia Day and me being in Sydney for a funeral.  And some heavy rain during the day which prevented much work in the OMG.  However it continues to thrive and we are hauling out some wonderful weights of crops. And the spaghetti squash is romping away – maybe I planted too many !  Enjoy the views of the OMG at the end of Week 21 …

The mixed salad/mesclun plants in Row 2 are looking very fine. Row 3 has just had spinach cut out of it – with beetroot behind.

Wild Rocket (centre) with sprouting Spinach behind – this will be both for eating and as a summer green manure.  Roma tomatoes continue to flourish.

Climbing tomatoes are really coming on and fruiting well – but we are having an increase in fruit fly – the immense rain-falls we have had is causing some fruit to split which attracts the flies.

Capsicums, Aubergine and Spaghetti Squash – rather a lot of it….. and it is going to be prolific….

Just so beautiful I had to put in a picture of this swelling Spaghetti Squash.

A row or two of Borlotti beans which took a hammering in the storm last Friday night – but the beans on them continue to grow.

The Bean Banjo holding up well after my bodgy repair job !

Ripening onions amidst rows of summer green manure Buckwheat which, incidentally, is also good to eat – the leaves are slightly floury but tender at this stage.

Rhubarb and Borage in the North Border loving the copious rain we have had.

Jerusalem Artichokes now making an effective wind-barrier down the west border.

The OMG at the end of Week 21 looking fairly well ordered.

And just to finish off some statistics on crops out of the garden this week :

Beans (18.5 kgs), Tomatoes (9.5 kgs), Zuchini (2.6 kgs), Beetroot (2.8 kgs), Spinach (3.6 kgs) – TOTAL 37 kgs.

And, just to add to our delights, we have had 86 mm of rain this week. The dams are full – indeed after the storm last Friday night, which dumped 55 mm in about 40 mins, the swales were still overflowing at 6.30am the next morning…. the OMG mercifully survived any major damage.

Have a great weekend – see you all next week.



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4 responses to “Week 22 in the OMG

  1. Glad to hear there has been no major damage. Your chooks will love the excess Spaghetti Squash, ours do, if the pigs don’t get them first.
    I absolutely love young buckwheat leaves, we are having trouble getting seed in Tasmania at the moment though, we can’t get any from the mainland and the main buckwheat grower that exports for the Japanese noodle market doesn’t own the rights to the variety.
    In the past I have relied on buckwheat as it is quick to flower, bringing in those vital insect populations early, and it produces copious amounts of green matter.

    Great update, can’t wait to see those Squash plants after a week of sunshine after that rain!

    • Hi – I will be putting up some pictures of our best fruits soon – and the Spaghetti Squashes are just ballooning with the rain – need some sun though !
      Buckwheat is great – we get ours from Royston Petrie here in Mudgee (http://www.rpseeds.com.au/) – you might be able to get some from them unless here are restrictions on ‘importing’ to Tassie…. ?

  2. Olive

    Love it, love it, love it! Congratulations Stefano, looking fruitiously, deliciously, amazing!

    • Liv – my good friend – thanks; but when are you coming back ? Rose could use your help although the bottling of tomatoes goes on apace.
      What news of you ?
      When do you start at Allsun ?

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