Week 20 in the OMG


Cherry Tomatoes and Basil - companion planting

Just to make your mouth water – I had forgotten how amazingly wonderfully tasting are home-grown organic tomatoes, and the smell of them … if it were possible to fall in love with a plant, mine would be a tomato ! (hold that thought…)


Olomovic Tomatoes


Red Pear Tomatoes - these will grow very large

Another sunny and warm week without rain. But the garden loves the sun and the veggies are leaping to the sky…. beans (climbing and bush), peas, tomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers, squashes, beetroots….. so forgiving my love affair with tomatoes, here are some other views of fruits of the garden.


Scarlet Runner Beans

A 'Heritage' Beetroot - the packet did not say exactly what 'Heritage' variety - looks nice though, if a slightly odd shape

Cherry tomatoes with Marigolds - companion planting

Our first cucumber


OMG at the end of Week 20

Potato patch at the end of Week 20 – and the disappearing Borlotti Bean border – damn those pesky rabbits…..


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2 responses to “Week 20 in the OMG

  1. holy shit… we are about to be buried in tommies…. YAY!

  2. passata machine is on it’s way, fear not!

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