Week 19 in the OMG

Another week of growth in the garden – it’s all looking good, but the weeds….. well please don’t look too closely ! Here’s a few images of the garden generally. But first, my main helper at the moment (what’s that about never acting with children or animals …. ?)

WOOFer Baz being helpful.... chewing on my gloves !

I put together a series of pictures taken clockwise around the OMG so Joyce & Micke at Allsun could see how we are doing. Talking on the phone is great, walking with them around the garden would be greater – but for now the wonders of the Internet allow for virtual touring – so here you are.  Enjoy a new year virtual tour of the Milkwood OMG.

Rows 1,2,3 - mostly salad plants - beetroot on the right (Row 3) and Mesclun seedlings freshly planted out in Row 2

Rows 4,5,6,7 - R.4 Beetroot, R.5 Rocket, R.6 Capsicum, R.7 Roma Tomatoes

Rows 8,9,10 - R.8&9 Roma Tomatoes, R.10 Olomovic (climbing) Tomatoes

Rows 11,12,13,14 - R.11 San Marzano Tomatoes, R.12 Cherry Tomatoes, R.13 Eggplants, R.14 Spaghetti Squash

Rows 14,15,16 - R.15&16 fallow (weeds....) R.16 Onions

Rows 17,18,19 - R.17&18 - Onions, R.19 - Peas

Rows 18,19,20 - R.18 &19 - Peas, R.20 - Climbing beans

Row 20 & 21 - climbing beans

Rows 23,24,25,26 - R.23 - Sweet corn, R.24&25 - Borlotti beans, R.26 - Sweet corn

Rows 27,28 - Cucumber cathedral

The OMG at the end of Week 19

The Potato Patch at the end of Week 19



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2 responses to “Week 19 in the OMG

  1. looks awesome stephen, well done great work

  2. Nam-Ha Quach


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