Week 16 in the OMG

The last of the Spring Crew left on Monday – Michael and Rose – and Nick, Kirsten and Ashar left on Friday… Milkwood seems very quiet but for our current WOOFers Erin & Mark, and the arrival of our latest WOOFer – meet

Basil Seaweed Steppenwolf 1st (which is highly pretentious so we call him BAZ)

and I agree that dogs on farms should be working dogs …

Baz ready for work (all say aaahh !!)

Meanwhile me and the human WOOFers have been hard at work giving the potatoes and second hilling and mulching …

Erin hoeing hard

and Mark also hoeing hard


hilling the potato patch nearly finished

The other focus this week has been on feeding the Tomatoes.  The recent rain and warm weather is bringing them on fast – they need daily attention to pinch out new side growth. This week we applied a ‘side’ dressing of horse-manure – more on the top of the piles than at the sides, and in between each plant.  A layer of rice-hull mulch went over the well-watered mounds to keep in the moisture. We have not had any rain this week.

a barrow load of soaked horse-manure

Horse-manure applied on top of the mounds in between each tomato plant

Mulched tomato mounds - using rice-hulls from the horse stables

A view of the Tomato spaceship - great growth of healthy plants

and look - little green cherry tomatoes - not long now until we get our first crop ! Hurrah !

And so - the OMG at the end of Week 16

and the Potato Patch - hilled and mulched.

And finally – as we have now ended our Spring Term I thought I might share with you our harvest figures to the end of Week 16:

Rocket (7,620),  Pak Choi (19,800),  Mesclun (19,250),  Cima di Rapa (1,600),  Radish (6,450),  Spring Onion (29,550),  Spinach (5,950),  Beetroot (21,800),  Beetroot Leaves (14,300),  Garlic (1,100),  Peas (1,750)

This is a total of 129,170 kgs from 78 sq.mtres of cultivated soil, and average of 1.65 kgs per sq.mtre.

Have a good weekend.






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4 responses to “Week 16 in the OMG

  1. Debbie

    All looking fantastic…lovely strong tommy plants!!

  2. sadie

    Thank you, as always, for the ongoing photographs. I’ve never known just how high up the potato plant you can “hill”. (The onion photographs were also enormously helpful and we’ve just put in our first bundles). I had been carefully leaving my tomatoes alone as I thought any kind of fertilising led to lots of leaf and not enough fruit. No horse manure, but now off to collect buckets of dried cow poo.
    So thank you for all the ongoing info.

    • Well, Sadie, all the advice I have been given is to feed Tomatoes regularly. There are other vegetables – like beetroot, which given too much fertiliser will give more leaf than root. Keep watching for progress – all I can say is that there are lots of tomatoe fruits appearing and the plants are not yet half-way up the trellis…. Happy Xmas to you and all.

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