Week 14 in the OMG

In which we defeat the seedling-munching rodent but are challenged by the tomato-leaf-yellowing disease ….

Olivier demonstrating the ingenius handles on the completed rodent-proof propagation unit

We had a problem in the Shade House in the shaped of a rat which developed a taste for juicy young seedlings for which you cannot blame it. I would too. However this is not conducive to our general propagation happiness – in fact it is not the best way to start the day to come down the hill full of the joys of the early morning sunshine at Milkwood and find tube stock and seed trays ransacked in the night. @#$**!! rat.  And the cunning devil could not be found or caught so, being equally cunning and devilish we decided to convert the Prop House (of earlier Tomato-care fame) with bird-cage wire netting which is also rodent-proof (we hope – unless it develops wire-cutting incisors)

The handles also act as the bar to keep the doors shut

The wire netting has been fixed to sides, top and bottom - Michael here sewing the sheets together with wire-thread

Seedlings safe in their new home. A sprinkler system has also been installed which runs off the watering timer in the Shade House

Meanwhile in the garden beans and peas are flourishing :

Climbing peas which have responded well to applications of Seasol and Bio-Fert (made here)

Scarlet runner beans leaping up their strings (my late Mother used to make the most wonderful Runner Bean chutney out of these - I shall have to get the recipe from my sisters!)

However, and sadly, all is not well in the OMG – our Cherry Tomatoes have just this week started to show signs of sickness and stress. This could be due to mineral deficiencies or a funghal attack brought on by all the rain we had recently.  We are monitoring and taking action as below….. bit of a worry though.

We are not yet sure what is this Tomato blight but are monitoring it and will apply a dressing of Seasol and Boron to the roots (as recommended by Mike & Joyce at Allsun) and some Lime-Sulphur (made here during the recent Bio-Fert course). This latter might work if this is a fungal attack.

But there is much cause for joy otherwise as this wheel barrow full of goodness shows – that’s 3.5kg Beetroot, 1.4kg mixed lettuce leaves and 4.2kg Spring Onions … not bad for one morning’s picking.

... and 5 different varieties of Radish in all their red gorgeousness

And out in the Potato Patch the ring of corn/beans/pumkins/peas (planted more for wind protection than cropping) is springing up after the rain

early morning shot of the corn at the edge of the Potato Patch

And so, at the end of Week 14 here we are – OMG and Outside coming on well.  Sometimes I find myself slightly in awe of what we have achieved in so short a time … and all down to the power of Community.  Thank you all for your physical assistance, encouragement and ideas.

The Potato Patch and Bean Border with irrigation lines laid out - great growth there after the rain

OMG at the end of Week 14



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5 responses to “Week 14 in the OMG

  1. Debbie

    I will let you have the wonderful runner bean chutney, dear brother of mine!! Kepp up the stirling work y’all!!

  2. I must have a relative of your rat on our property, or I suspect, a cunning little field mouse. Either way, my happiness was also short lived so I was forced to plant out directly and at least have had some successes with that. I’m about to start afresh with the propagation, so I think I’ll give your method a try!

  3. Helen

    It is all looking really fertile lush and vibrant. Sorry about the tomatoes. In every life a little rain must fall so I am told. Do not expect the tomatoes to understand unless you have Prince Charles’ way with the plants,Stephen

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