Week 13 in the OMG

A week of constructions in the garden, PDC students, sun, wind and rain – the latter coming down in sheets and more to come….. the garden is loving it after a dry spell.

Another bumper harvest - we are pulling this off the garden every other day for 45 people here at Milkwood

These garlics were put in as green garlic, but were not very successful - however pulling the small bulbs now is going to provide a very tasty additoin for Rose in the kitchen

We are keeping records of everything we harvest and our total so far now exceeds 60kg in total – crops are : Rocket, Mesclun (mixed salad lettuce leaves), Radish, Spring Onion, Bok Choi, Cima di Rapa, Beetroot and Beetroot leaves.

The next salad crop almost ready for harvesting.

Meanwhile the onions that were planted in a previous post are thriving well

and the green border of Jerusalem Artichokes and Comfrey is really coming on - compare this recent picture with one of 2 months ago ...

same view taken 21 Sep 11

and out in the potato patch the corn and beans are coming up already - only a week later.

In the garden we have just erected our last growing structure – our Cucumber Cathedral.

Cucumber Cathedral - but without seeds yet, it's ironically just too wet !

the long view of the Cucumber Cathedral

The Bean Banjo - good strong healthy beans growing too

Peas on Pea-Sticks and climbing frame - a dose of sea-weed juice has given them a wonderful boost

and the tomatoes are romping around in the Spaceship.... all very good and happy

Our final piece of planting this week has been the north border – we are going to have green borders to the garden for a number of reasons : bio-diversity, bee forage, useful herbs, and some wind protection.

planting on the north border of the garden

the OMG at the end of week 13

and the Potato and Bean patch at the end of Week 13

and one final view - the pumkins planted at the bottom of the dam wall - waiting for a future cascade of sumptuous bright orangeness ! ... just yellow flags at the moment.

Have a good weekend y’all….



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3 responses to “Week 13 in the OMG

  1. Sheena

    What are you planting in the north border?

    • Hello Sheena – lovely to hear from you.
      We have planted 5 greengage plum trees and an assortment of small plants – bits and pieces to make a diverse garden. This includes : Solomon’s Seal, Lemon Balm, Honeysuckle, Comfrey, Flag Iris and Daisies.
      There will be more plants going in as time goes by.

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