Week 12 in the OMG

Well we like to start our weekly blog with a picture of a happy smiling person … so here is our Market Gardening Hero with a selection of his wonderful veggies …. Mr Eliot Coleman of Four Season’s Farm in Maine USA

However we think we can do just as well … and with a prettier model !Enter Rose with a selection of our most recent harvest !

Meanwhile back on the patch it has been a busy week planting beans, corn, peas and pumkins – and thanks again to our wonderful Interns for helping out.  We took advantage of a day or two or rain to get them into the ground (ah yes ! hooray … 16.5 mm this week)

Borlotti Beans ready for planting into the mounded rows above

just how much fun can planting rows and rows of beans be ... well a whole lot if you are doing it all together ... Adam getting into the spirit of things (we think)

and the lovely Ashley hand-sowing corn ... in the traditional manner.

These are rows of corn with beans, peas and pumpkins sown to form a border and windbreak for the potatoes and borlotti beans. We had some corn left over from the pigs so I decided to put it in and see what happens. The winds can be very fierce in the OMG and I am hoping this will do something to reduce the drying effect. We'll see if the soil is good enough.

Another experiment - we have a lot of old hay which we have used to mulch the beans rows - some of them. There may be some negative effect from the funghi spores in the hay, so we have mulched 3 rows and paths, 3 rows only, and 5 small rows with no mulching to see what the effect will be.

Also in the OMG this week we have put up supporting frames for the climbing beans - very permaculture using material to hand on the farm = star-pickets, 2-inch poly-pipe, bamboo, wire and string

Olivier adding strings to the climbing bean frames

More beans being sown into the OMG - in the rain

same view the next day - in the full sun - see how dry it gets hence the our need for some mulching although this may make weeding less easy - but we'll see how things go.

and so here we are at the end of week 12 - the potato and bean patch in glorious serried rows under a full afternoon sun

The OMG at the end of Week 12 from the usual vantage point.

and finally - here is a curiosity - we have a number of these tap-rooted plants springing up but see how shallow our top soil is - this one send down a root until it hit clay causing the root to grow sideways. Hm - we some soil improved work to do...

So there we are, friends – another busy week inside and outside the OMG. And it is really looking good and we look forward to a good harvest.  Between now and then I shall be like a mother hen watching and watering with increasing anxiety ! and so very grateful to all our community here for their willing help.  Thank you all.

Bye for now – and have a great weekend.


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One response to “Week 12 in the OMG

  1. Hi Stephen,
    We too have very strong winds here in Tas and in the last week it has either been windy or extremely windy. This has exposed a serious weakness in our watering system, Namely me with a watering can and as many 20 litre buckets as I can manage. As our budget is incredibly tight we will be getting a 50 metre hose soon that can be moved to direct water to all of our various gardens.
    What are you guys using to deliver the water to the plants, wiggle waterers, drip tape etc.?

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