Week 11 in the OMG

The start of the Beetroot harvest

The warm sun and some rain last week has really pushed growth in the OMG.  In fact it’s almost going too fast ! but as we have a Permaculture Design Course coming up with 45 mouths to feed for the next 2 weeks this is no bad thing.

The morning's harvest which was : 2 boxes Pak Choi, 1 box of Beetroot and 3 x 10L buckets of mixed salad leaves, spring onions and radish

With all this picking going on it is important to keep the planting up - here more beetroot seedlings have gone in for a near Christmas harvest (we hope)

On Monday we put in the potato crop now that all danger of frost has passed - here we are laying out the potatoes along string lines

Laying potatoes out using a measuring stick ruler - a most useful home-made tool

Mounding over the potatoes

Mounding 2 !

and the finished Field of Potatoes - waiting for rain .... which came the next day just after we had flood-irrigated the field !

Meanwhile the Tomatoes are leaping into the sky happy in their rows and putting on new growth at a furious rate

The OMG at the end of Week 11

and the potatoe field extension to the OMG - end of Week 11

Thanks to all in the Milkwood Community for their assistance this week in planting the potatoes – all the more because most of them won’t be here to enjoy the fruits of the labours (unless they come back to visit which we hope they will …)

and finally - just because it is so lovely and I found it in the woods nearby - the astonishing beautiful Donkey Orchid (Diuris magnifica)

Hope you are all having a good weekend …. until next week.



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5 responses to “Week 11 in the OMG

  1. hooray for the beetroot harvest!

  2. Linda Machon

    Wow! Amazing! looks just beautiful…that beetroot in particular..yum!

  3. and rose’s borscht treatment of said beetroot was stupendously yummy

  4. having had the privilege of being their for the first OMG course and seeing where it is going now … it is a real treat to watch the continued progress and see how we can implement this in our lives and community! hurrah for stephen and hurrah for Rose’s use of the produce!

  5. Olive

    The cardinal pleasure of enjoying fresh food, it just feels so right. Thank you Steven for putting your energy and love into the garden which feeds is all. Group plantings are always fun!

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