Week 10 in the OMG

Happy faces planting tomatoes - Tamara Gadzia and Kirsten Bradley ! Huzzah ...

It’s like sending your children into the world. After months of tender care the Solanaceae (Tomatoes, Eggplants and Capsicums) were planted into the Tomato spaceship and adjoining rows.  The sun had been shining again for a few days and the raised beds were nice and warm.  Everyone in our Milkwood Community has their own pet tomato planted by them – even our visiting guests Tamara and Kirk Gadzia who had come to present the Holistic Management Course.

Tomatoes being hardened off in a temporary windbreak the day before planting

The tomato spaceship ready for occupants

Tomatoes laid out for planting

Liv with his tomato plant - bringing out the Italian in him !

KIrk Gadzia (who presented the Holistic Management Course with his partner Tamara (see first photo) planting his tomato

and just to prove that the Chef does not spend all day in the kitchen, Rose plants her tomato ... she will be back to prepare the fruits of her labour

It's a family affair - Nick planting next to Kirsten's and Ashar's tomatoes

A row of capsicums mulched against the drying winds that are already blowing over the garden.

Meanwhile this Pak Choi bed is finished which has given us 16kgs of produce most of which Rose has made into delicious KimChi. This is the first bed to be turned around.... and others crops are also now going to seed. Life is moving on fast in the garden now.

A selection of produce from the garden that came up on Thursday morning - 10 litre buckets of: (Right) mixed salad leaves, spring onions and radish, (centre) spinach, (Left) beetroot and Cima di Rapa

and much of that went into this delicious salad ! more huzzahs..... it was truly magnificent.

And so here we are at the end of Week 10 – another busy week in the OMG mostly planting out and gathering in – and all in a wonderful community in a truly magnificent and beautiful setting.  Thank you all – and have a good weekend to all our followers.

The OMG at the end of Week 10



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4 responses to “Week 10 in the OMG

  1. Awsome! It is just so satisfying to see what a success the garden is – congratulations to you all. Tomato fever has hit this area too. Everyone is planting them.

    Best wishes from Allsun Farm

  2. I’m stunned guys, absolutely stunned how far you getting with your OMG. I shouldn’t be, but I am. I am working a 200 square metre Salad Garden (think Zone 1) on my own part time and soon to be moving on to a Market Garden (by distance Zone 3) of around 300 square metres. However this is all on my own with a very limited amount of capital input and mechanization (working around a family of 4 kids).
    Community is a wonderful thing and it is obviously what we are lacking, without the community, or the common unity, behind us, it is, and always will be a struggle.
    However I am pleased as I too, have planted my first tomatoes and my early potatoes are flowering.

    Thanks guys for the inspiration.

    • Thanks – and I completely agree – Community is everything really – after all we like to eat communally so why not plant communally too.
      I am fortunate here to have people around in the form of Milkwood Interns and WOOFers all of whom make a hug difference. The thing here, too, is that some of the help they are giving us is for crops they will not eat themselves – that’s pretty altruistic really – thanks guys !
      Good luck to the K&D Family Farm.

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