Week 9 in the OMG

A busy week with much done … the main task has been preparing the beds and frames for our tomatoes – 130 plants ready to go in when the risk of frost has passed.

Not a grimace of pain but a novel way of stretching used ring-lock fence to support the climbing tomatoes !

The start of the Tomato project - making up the raised beds

Claire getting into Broad-forking - how to loosen up the soil without turning it

Nick removing nails from the posts for the timber extensions to the star-picket supports ... and it is a cold and windy day

Trevor forking in some rock-dust goodness for our tomatoes

The beds are coming along - star-pickets in the beds for the climbing tomatoes, and Claire adding a compost dressing

Timnber uprights being added to the star-picket uprights

Meanwhile Ashey is measuring out more beds to make - these guys don't know when to stop ! ...

The lateral strengthening rail being placed along the line of uprights - we get very strong winds down here

Beds for the bush tomatoes next to the climbing tomatoes with drip-lines laid

The finished frames - our Tomato Spaceship has landed ! ... ready for planting with Tomatoes anyway 🙂

Meanwhile the OMG is flourishing. We have had a cold spell this week but previous warm sun has brought massive growth.... rocket coming out of our ears almost

The beetroots are not quite there but lots of nice leave growth - it won't be long before we start eating the roots

OK - here's this week's mystery vegetable (answers on a postcard ... no, that's what we used to say.... hmmm - so post a comment). It is from the garden, prepared lovingly by Rose and very tasty.... quite unusual too. Any guesses ?

And here is the OMG at the end of week 9. A spurt of growth this week thanks to the efforts of all our community here..... thank you everyone.



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7 responses to “Week 9 in the OMG

  1. Mystery vegetable guess: maybe Mizuna?

  2. Olive

    Ok a hint for everyone may need to come from the inside. Italian radish tops also known as???? ……….

  3. Linda Machon

    Looking good guys, looking good……Cima di Rapa delish nom nom xx

  4. OK you lovely people – thanks for the responses and HINTS (Olive…. hm – he is the fiend Cima di Rapa muncher) – so there it is … Cima di Rapa. Thanks to Joyce Wilkie of Allsun Market Farm for insisting we grew some. I had never tasted it but now recommend it unreservedly … but you need to plant it in the autumn in this climate. It is flowering already.

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