Week 8 in the OMG

Adventuring - with a Wetting Front Detector - for those who don't know (and I didn't) this clever device detects how far into the soil the irrigation has penetrated - we then know when to turn off the water (a little rod pops up at the end of the block pole)

Digging the hole for the detector - a good way to look at your soil profile too - and here actually quite good top soil.

and into the hole with the Detector ...

and that is all you see ! so discrete ... and it does work - although it took 40minutes of dripper to make the indication pop up; but this time would lessen with regular daily watering.

Meanwhile more horse manure is got from town and delivered to the garden ...

more beds made and planted (and in this case lightly mulched with rice hulls)

... and more crops picked - here a barrow load (truly) of pak choi ...

... Rose struggles to find a suitably large weighing pan for the scales ! ... the total was 11kgs - how's that for Pak Choi splendour

... and an anonymous Kirsten-shaped hand makes Rabbit-shadow shapes of delight over our bowl of fresh garden salad (Yum and Hoorah !) ...

and just to finish this week here are some early morning pictures of the OMG with surrounding bucolic beauty and new young wildlife …. happy weekend everyone ! – Stephen

The OMG in early morning sun

the dam behind the OMG with growing Tiny House up above

and to prove that spring has sprung we have 11 ducklings on the dam (there is one out of the picture) - and I was air-bombed by an irate mother the other day as I inadvertently wandered too close to their hiding place in the long grass !



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4 responses to “Week 8 in the OMG

  1. Linda Machon

    Brilliant work guys! Loving the weekly updates. So informative and inspiring.:)

  2. Yes keep up the posts very inspiring, love the bak choy harvest, and the beds look so neat!

  3. Can’t wait to sample Rose’s kimchi

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