Week 7 in the OMG

Food, food, glorious food - Rose the Stephen the Gardener picking rocket and pak choi.... happiness for all....and boy! does it taste good

A busy week in the garden planting Onions (see our mid-week post) and Peas, and sorting out the Irrigation, and gathering some of all this lovely growing fresh, organic food.   We picked 1.4kg of Rocket and 400gms of Pak Choi.
Here are some pictures of our endeavours:

And here's the result of some of that food - the Milkwood Omelette - all ingredients from our place ! Hoorah !

Plantings this week :

Peas - climbing peas on the frames behind me, and Dwarf Peas (Blue Bantam) beneath the pea-sticks

Planting onions

We have also been trying to work out how best to use our irrigation Wobblers. This has been a somewhat fraught exercise as I have tried to work out the best configuration using the pressure we had.  And along comes Michael, our most excellent OMG WOOFer with gardening and irrigation experience, to deliver the solution so that all the good equipment provided through the good offices of Allsun Garden Farm now WORKS as it should….

Hoorah ! we've got the wobblers working properly .....

Showing the irrigation Wobblers at their red posts (beetroot in the foreground)

and the grand turning-on ! ......

Meanwhile, in the Shade House, the Tomatoes are growing up, safe from our nightly frosts

and so here we are at the end of Week 7 :

The OMG at Week 7

Have a great weekend everyone.



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3 responses to “Week 7 in the OMG

  1. Linda Machon

    Looking great Stephen! Loving the updates x Keep up the awesome work matey!

  2. Olive

    Such amazing work with incredible rewards, Congratulations Stephen! I have to confess that I have been plucking and grazing on Di Rapa leave for a couple of days now, delicious!

  3. Naughty naughty…. and I thought it was the Possum.
    So your penance is to tell Rose how to cook Cima Di Rapa – and tell me when it is ready for harvesting….

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