Midweek Week 7 – Planting Onions the Allsun Garden Farm way

How to plant and grow your onion seedlings the Allsun Way – as learned from Eliot Coleman …

(if you want to see a larger picture then double-click on that image)

This method has a number of advantages :

By growing 4 together you will minimise the space needed – 4 will bloom outside each other. This method allows for weeding between the grid rows and columns of onions.  Trimming the roots and leaves of these well-grown seedlings reduces transplant shock and encourages the young plants to spring forth vigorous roots straight down into the soil.  If we left long roots it would be labourious to dig a hole deep enough to allow for the long roots to continue growing down – we don’t want roots growing back up to the surface which would kill the young onions.

So  – cheers all round !  We have over 1000 onions planted to date and another row to go …



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14 responses to “Midweek Week 7 – Planting Onions the Allsun Garden Farm way

  1. Linda Machon

    Love the step by step pics x I can see a MIlkwood Market Garden book in the making…..

  2. Did you really mean to trim the leaves to 10mm? It looks like you’re trimming to 100mm or so in the photo. I love the use of photos here – makes it very easy to see what you’re talking about!

  3. I wonder at the timing – mine have been in for months and are now starting to thicken at the base ready to bulb up.

    • The timing is simply to do with the fact that we have only recently started this garden. The onions were planted as seed in June in large pots. We were waiting for them to grow to a decent size before planting them out. In future we will go earlier – but let us hope that they will thrive and grow even at this later date.
      I like your Blog page – Purple Pear Organics – very nice.

  4. Speedy

    This is my method favorite method for onions.
    I learned about the trimming thing from Peter Bennett’s Book many years ago, but he planted single plants very close in rows.
    3-4 per hole seems better to me.
    same as for leeks, but leave them longer when trimming, plant them deeper (15cm or more, depending on soil) and hill up during growth for long blanched stems.

    Thanks Stephen.

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  6. I have not seen this method before. I have been using Eliot Colemans old multiblock method from his first book (New organic grower) with great results for 2 years now. I can see the advantage of trimming the tops but a bower bird did it for me. It’s all good now and the onions are just staring to bulb up. I sowed seed periodically from Mid may-July and planted 1000 blocks (containing 4 seedlings) over a few days.

  7. Sadie Chrestman

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you – such a lovely easy way to see what you’re doing. And thank you, Speedy, for the update on leeks.


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