Week 5 in the OMG

Transplanted Artichokes waiting for garden preparation

And it rained …. hurrah ! – Wednesday and Thursday with 41mm and 9mm respectively.  So work in the garden stopped for those two days – but there is always planning and planting to do, and sorting out tools. Earlier in the week I had been preparing beds for corn, squash and beans, and potatoes for later months. With the rain coming Kirsten popped into town to buy some green manure seeds (peas, fenucreek and mustard) which I broadcast both inside and outside the fenced garden – and now we let the rain do its magic.

Most excitingly of all, though, we took our first crop from the OMG – 400gms of Rocket/Arugula – tasted very good….

Some pictures to brighten your Saturday morning.  Enjoy the long weekend !


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One response to “Week 5 in the OMG

  1. Rock n roll… yum yum.. was great to eat some of that fist harvest… may it be one of millions

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