Week 4 in the Milkwood Market Garden

Dear Readers … something did not happen at the weekend – I set this to publish on Saturday but alas I must have done something wrong.  This is what you should have seen on Saturday !

So here we are at the end of Week 4 – amazing how the time flies.

The day begins with unwrapping the Tomatoes, Capsicums and Eggplants – and taking the Max/Min thermometer readings. Mornings have been in the garden, breaking when the sun is high to move the tender seedlings into the Shade House – we have had some high-ish winds this week which dries everything out quickly – our high-value crops need tender care (and they get it!). Afternoons back in the garden finishing with a good watering and putting the tender seedlings back into their Hay House shelter for the night.

After a magnificent Organic Market Garden course at the weekend (in which another 4 beds were made up) the focus this week has been on planting up the border and fixing the path, and installing the sprinkler system and potting up some Artichoke and Basil seedlings.

Oh, and yes – great joy ! the Asparagus seeds planted 3 August germinated this week – hoorah ! I thought we had a tray of duds…. but not so.

So enjoy the photos below – incidentally, we have decided not to do the slide show – apparently you may not be able to see a slide show if you are viewing our Blog on your mobile phone. (If you click on the small images they will blow up to full size)

Have a great weekend – we have just gone through the Equinox so summer is on its way….


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