Week 3 in the Milkwood Garden

As I write we are at the end of the first day of the 3-day Organic Market Garden Course being run by Michael Plane and Joyce Wilkie of Allsun Garden Farm at Gundaroo near Canberra.  They are our Mentors for the creation of our Vegetable Garden here.

Today has been excellent – heaps of information given out this morning and practical work this afternoon.  Here’s a hint, dear reader…. if you want a new garden made – bring people here on a course !  Or, of course, you could invite all your friends over for a Saturday BBQ and let it start after breakfast with WORK in the Garden – the BBQ is in the evening after your garden beds are dug… But seriously – this afternoon’s practical experience was to create garden beds by the Eliot Coleman method as practiced by Allsun Garden Farm. And with 30 course participants at hand we thought we would get 4 beds made. So enthusiastic were these good folk we doubled that !  8 news beds. Now that’s good going.  And all in an hour and a half….. (for Bed Making see our last post).

Mike and Joyce also brought up from Allsun the tomato plants I had planted – and also 30 Capsicum and 30 Eggplants for which we built a special warm house – the Hay House (built next to the Shade House).  Details on how this was built will come in the mid-week post.

I had a scare in the middle of the week – all apropos of the arrival of the frost-tender tomatoes/capsicums/eggplants. We had a -5 frost on Wednesday morning. I had thought to move our propagation house up to the Woolshed only to find, to my horror, that the Woolshed creates a frost-hollow of its own. But – ah what relief – the Shade House is protected by trees and the house dam and not a wisp of frost was to be seen there.  Hence building the Hay House there with the propagation house within its cosy interior.

Also this week, and in time for the course, we put together our Irrigation Manifold and attached Drip Lines for 4 of the beds.  More on this too later.

So here we are at the end of Week 3 – we now have 18 garden beds made, drip irrigation to 4 of them (course work for the rest), and a warm and protective home for the baby tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants which are all very frost-tender. And we have 30 enthusiastic gardeners sitting at the feet of our mentors.  Not a bad end to the week eh ?

Here is another slide show for your weekend delight !

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2 responses to “Week 3 in the Milkwood Garden

  1. Helen

    How impressive is all that! For a townie like me it is another world. Love the pic of Ashar. Pity we couldn’t all be 2 again Christopher Robin!
    Endi SM

  2. Linda Machon

    was an absolutely brilliant weekend! Loved every minute of it. Learned so much & will be looking forward to seeing the progress of the garden x

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