Week 2 in the Milkwood OMG – 9 Sep 11

Don’t the days just fly by when you’re having fun … well actually being engaged in something wonderful that you love to do.  So here we are at the end of Week 2 of the awesome Milkwood OMG – and we’ve cracked on with the pace.  We now have 10 beds made and more planting done as well as seeds sown.  More on all that later.

We have decided to try and bring you 2 Blogs a week (but don’t hold us to that) – the weekend post will be mostly pictures (we thought busy city folk might like to relax at the end of the week over a Saturday morning coffee (or Friday night winding down tipple !)  with (hopefully) inspiring images of our work and emerging beautiful garden) and a mid-week post of words describing things we have made, done and discovered, triumphs large and small, mistakes (not so) large and small !

So sit back and enjoy our first pictorial offering.

But before I go – as I write we are having a day of rain and the seedlings are full of gladness for the dowsing.  I think I might be a something of a plant whisperer (well apparently I talked endlessly to the Allsun Farm chooks as I fed them – see post of 8 Aug !).  We were in the garden the other day and Olivier said to the seedlings “Grow Grow” but I said “I think they might respond better to praise like “How well you are all growing”.  I prefer to be praised and enouraged rather than commanded to do something so why should’nt they?  But perhaps that is just my whimsy …

So here we are – some things to brighten your life.  Much to celebrate here at Milkwood and probably too in your life too.  So if your weekend media news-offerings are a bit depressing – here is your antidote.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bye for now – enjoy your weekend with family/friends.



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