Week 1 in the Milkwood Market Garden – 2 Sep 11

So here I am back at Milkwood – I did my Permaculture Design Certificate here in October 2009 – and I’ve hit the ground running.  It is Friday evening – we arrived here lunchtime on Tuesday – and I have still not unpacked !  And it has been hugely enjoyable.

The Garden before cultivating - and minus the pigs...

Joyce Wilkie and Michael Plane, along with Matthew who helps out at Allsun, and I left Gundaroo at dawn on Tuesday.  Arriving here we had a swift lunch under the tree by the Woolshed and then took the Cultivator down to the OMG where 2 pigs had done …. well not a lot really. But the cultivator soon ripped into the virgin soil and in short order it was well churned up.

Matthew with cultivator

We spend a bit of time laying out the outline of the garden within the fenced area – we had planned for 28 beds in 2 blocks of 14 with a path down the middle of the two blocks.

Then it was down to work making beds : a bed is 1 metre wide in total – 700mm of cultivated bed and 300mm of path.  This is a really efficient bed width – an average height person can straddle the bed for working on it…. you can get quite yoga- like about gardening throwing in the odd Trigunasana in between weeding, planting, seeding …. but I digress. Sorry.

Mike and Matthew using a Broad-fork to lift the soil and aerate it prior to weeding

4 beds were prepared (weeded and de-stoned and raked and raised into flattened mounds) and fed with compost, pelleted chicken manure, dolomite and a good rock-dust of assorted essential minerals.

And that was pretty much it by sunset.  The next day was planting stuff grown early at Allsun – Endive, Spring Onions, Mesclun salads (lettuces) and Pak Choi. And suddenly it was time for Joyce, Mike and Matthew to return to Gundaroo.

Since they left on Wednesday afternoon I have prepared another 2 beds, planted out Rocket (seedlings and direct seeded into a bed) and sown Cima di Rapa.  I have also created row-covers for 4 beds which is a slight luxury for these hardier plants, but it was a first go and provides night-shelter for the newly-planted seedlings.

Meanwhile, back on the farm/Milkwood Permaculture a course (Food Forest/Forest Garden) has started and I spent yesterday afternoon in Mudgee on errands (buying a new rake), more Rocket seeds and collecting a course participant.

By the end of today, Friday, and thus the end of the week, the new Milkwood Organic Market Garden looks like this :

The Garden at evening....

Just the beginning – but a good start. Watch this space for our weekly reports on progress.



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12 responses to “Week 1 in the Milkwood Market Garden – 2 Sep 11

  1. Great job – you’ve done really well to get all of that up & running! I am loving this blog – it is very exciting to watch a market garden start from scratch. Hope you have a bumper Spring.

  2. go stephen! And many many thanks to the fabulous Allsun Farm crew x

  3. excellent work stephen, michael, joyce and matthew – great to see the OMG taking shape here at milkwood farm

  4. Looking great Stephen!
    Coincidentally Em and I are off to yoga as I type this – essential as a balance to gardening I reckon 😉

    In the words of that well known Virginian “May all your carrots grow long and straight…”

  5. Linda Machon

    Great work….really loving the updates to see the evolution of the OMG. Looking forward to the course and helping you guys get this thing up and running.

  6. Debbie

    just popped on here and it all looks FAB…never a dull moment and it’ll keep you ultra fit and healthy. Onwards and upwards brother of mine!! xx

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