Wednesday 17th August – Stephen at Allsun Farm

Stephen has only been at Allsun Farm for 8 days  – phew! We have covered a huge amount of ground with him and we too have planted broad beans.

So what have we covered so far?

  • Laying hens – our dawn to dusk work force who weed, clean up bugs and lay wonderful eggs
  • transforming derelict weedy beds into fertile ground using a mower or scythe and a reciprocating spader on a two wheeled horticultural tractor
  • building beds that are fully prepared ready to plant
  • planning what we want to grow, when we need to plant it, in what quantity and in which bed
  • growing seedlings in pots, plug trays and soil blocks
  • weeding both by hand and using long handled hoes and wheel hoes
  • picking

Tomorrow we pick again and we will also get round to transplanting lettuces and spring onions into garden beds. We will in less than two weeks have covered the whole cycle needed to grow vegetables commercially. From here on in it will simply be refining techniques and practice. Market gardening is a balance of craftmenship and detailed planning – we will post some pictures asap – now it’s off to bed!


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