Kitchen garden broad bean planting

2nd in command broad bean planter. Note mini Ho-mi in hand...

My first attempt of growing broadbeans (or anything for that matter) in something other than a no-dig bed.

Joyce sent up the seed from Allsun Farm, which is great (thanks Joyce!). Hopefully this will mean that these broad beans will be adapted to our erratic dryish climate, which is similar to Allsun’s, but quite different from the climate where the majority of broad bean stock is sourced from, as far as I can tell.

I followed the directions for row size, hilling and bed prep  for broad beans on the Growing Annual Vegetables CD ROM. I’m not so sure how these will go, given their proximity to the eucalyptus next door, but they’re as much a crop to prep the soil of the bed as anything, i imagine.

You will note that I mulched the rows. This might be against our new intensive growing rules, but I couldn’t help it! Still adapting to the non-mulched approach required for some crops (of which I’m not sure whether broad beans are one – Joyce?)…

Planted 26/7/11.

The 'before' shot

Bed prepped and hoed and hilled

Broad beans from Allsun, check.

Beds planted and mulched. Grow beans, grow!


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One response to “Kitchen garden broad bean planting

  1. Annabel

    I grow broadbeans every year because they’re an easy crop to grow and are nitrogen fixing plants. I source my beans at Mitre 10 in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island in brown paper bags so I believe they’re sourced locally. I gave some to my daughter in Alice Springs and she has had success with good growth and flowering as well. We’ll see if she gets a crop of edible pods. You should be able to plant them earlier than the end of August to get a head start. Mine are frost resistant and I plant them in June and they do well even with only a little direct sun in the afternoon. I pick when 5cm long and steam/eat the whole bean pod with pepper and butter.

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