Sunday 7th August 2011 – Allsun Farm update


The last few days have been very hectic, here at Allsun we have been cramming in planting seedlings, getting up to speed with weeding and hoeing. We have also talked non stop about what to grow, when to grow it and how much to plant. I think all three of us have spinning brains. Stephen has been dreaming about spread sheets, I (JW) have been stressing about how we are going to transport all the seedlings we have planted to Milkwood and Mike is concerned that all the planning is not yet in place.

The reality is that we have only had Stephen here for 3 days and we have actually covered a lot of ground with him. He left yesterday for a week at the snow which gives me a few days to really nut out the field plan and planting schedule so I am busy at our dining room table surrounded by piles of system filing cards, note pads, random jottings and my laptop.


Both the beetroot and the silverbeet (planted 26/7) started germinating today.

beetroot germinating
Beetroot seeds germinate.

All other seedlings looking good.


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