Wednesday 20 July – Planting lettuces at Allsun

Allsun Farm is capable of growing enough vegetables for about 20 – 25 families for about 9 months of the year. As a first guess for the Milkwood garden (because all the planning was not finalised) we decided to just plant 25% extra whenever we planted here.

Today we were planting lettuces so we planted an extra 2 x 198 seedling trays for Milkwood.

Speedling plug trays are named after the number of holes they have. We have found that 198’s are a good option for a many vegetables.

Lettuces planted in 198 seed trays

Lettuces planted in 198 seed trays

. . . and I hope you are looking at the red paddle pop sticks! At the moment our propagation areas are full of seedlings for Bumper Crop (Helen) us (Allsun) and now Milkwood (Stephen). Sometimes life throws up little surprises –

Coloured Paddle Pop Sticks

Who'd have thought? Coloured paddle pop sticks!

We can now glance around the cold frames and the propagation poly tunnel and immediately identify which seedlings belong to whom!


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