Tuesday 26 July 2011 – More planting at Allsun Farm!

Today we planted another 198 plug tray. Half of it with a frisée style endive (Rhodos) often seen in mesclun mixes and the other half tray with spring onions.

We also decided that it would be a good idea to get some beetroot and silverbeet started. Root crops do not like being transplanted but there is a wonderful bit of gear, originally developed in Holland, that allows you to grow seedlings in little blocks of soil. The blocks are free standing so no plastic and also no stress to the seedlings at plant out time learn more about soil blocks.

soil blocks

A bread tray full fo soil blocks ready to seed up with beetroot and silverbeet seeds.

We planted:

  • 1/2 tray of Beetroot – Detroit Dark Red, an all time Allsun favourite
  • 1/2 tray of Beetroot – Bull’s Blood which has wonderful dark leaves that can also be put in salad mixes
  • 1/2 tray of Silverbeet – Fordhood, the large white stemmed, dark savoyed leaf variety that is commonly sold in green grocers
  • 1/2 tray of Silverbeet – Ruby Chard a beautiful, tender, red stemmed variety


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2 responses to “Tuesday 26 July 2011 – More planting at Allsun Farm!

  1. Em

    The soil blocks look like a great idea but how well do they hold together? Do they crumble or disintegrate from watering or do you just mist the seedlings?

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