Sunday 17th July – Getting organised at Allsun Farm


  • We had established that we already had some seedlings. Helen had been out at Allsun Farm potting up capsicum and eggplant seedlings so they were organised as well.
  • Kirsten agreed to organise a couple of pigs to plough up the area we had marked out as the Market Garden on our visit to Milkwood
  • We agreed to start growing some more seedlings prior to the Milkwood trainee being appointed

The Run Sheet

The next job was to start the run sheet. When you are organising a production vegetable operation you need to decide:

  • just what you want to grow
  • when you want to grow it
  • where you want to grow it
  • what quantity to grow

This can all be worked out with a pile of systems cards a note pad and a spread sheet. The whole process will be detailed in the Organic Market Gardening workshops we are running at Milkwood.  For now Mike and I needed to short circuit the process so that the trainee gardener would be able to hit the ground running.

There is also all the tools and equipment that will be needed – another page in the spread sheet.

The run sheet is now started. It is very much a work in progress and we have worked out a way to allow Kirsten and the trainee to work on it. If it looks like being a useful resource we will organise a downloadable copy at a later date.


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