Monday 11 July 2011 – Joyce & Mike Visit Milkwood

There is a minimum lead time of at least 3 months from planting a seed to harvest so Joyce and Mike decided to take a quick trip to Milkwood so that they could have a look at the garden site, talk to Kirsten and Nick and get straight into planning the garden. The aim was to give the trainee who was going to implement and run the garden a basic plan and planting time table with the hope of being able to be in production by mid to late October.

The site chosen for the garden is a piece of river flat at the bottom of the property.

The Site

On the left there is a row of Eucalypts growing along the edge of the creek. On the right is a dam wall. This area has been grazed by sheep and was flooded last summer so it was decided to keep the garden reasonably small at this stage (14 x 30 metres) and locate it as high up on the flood plane as possible.

Of course we dug a few holes and had a look at the soil – it is an awful lot better than what we started with at Allsun!

The Soil

The topsoil (lower right) grades down into a gravelly clay (top right).

After marking out the outline of the garden on the ground we discussed the possibility of getting some pigs onto the area as soon as possible. What better preparation for a vegetable garden.

Just up from the river flat was an amazing chicken palace.

Chicken Palace

I spent the night dreaming about moving it into a sunny spot, throwing plastic over it and converting it into a temporary green house for the early frost tender seedlings.

Further up the hill side is a well appointed shade house.

Shadehouse inside

This is a terrific place for all summer seedling production, however the little mini green house suitable for heat loving tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants is just too small for the number of seedlings that are going to be needed.







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