Community-scale food thinking – comments by Joyce

Here at Allsun Farm we are also surrounded by seed catalogues, vegetable seed lists, bed plans, calendars and our heads are spinning too. There is something so exciting about planning for the next season of vegetable growing.

The garlic is happily tucked up with its mulch, the early broad beans and peas are up but not growing at this stage and all the onion seed has germinated. Now we can dream about summer. Over the years we have selected a solid core of about 30 different vegetables that reliably make up our year round vegetable harvest. To qualify for a place in our garden the varieties we choose have to pass a number of tests.

  • we must want to eat them – no point growing tomatillos if you don’t ever eat green salsa!
  • they must have superb flavour
  • they must be productive varieties – we can’t afford to waste space
It is also very important for us to cover all the basics, the things people buy every week when they go to the green grocer. Potatoes, onions, garlic, cooking greens, salad greens, fruits, roots and herbs. And not just for a few weeks. We aim to harvest all these basic groups for most of the year. Our tried and tested list includes some of the best heirloom tomatoes we have ever tasted, beautiful and tasty lettuces, crunchy lebanese cucumbers, asian and european spring greens and lots more. This is the list that we will draw from for the inaugural  Milkwood Market Garden. Maybe not weird but definitely wonderful!
Of course our plantings here at Allsun never stop with the tried and true, there are so many good things yet undiscovered. As we flip through the catalogues and dream of summer we always order a few new things reaching for the yet to be discovered taste sensation. In fact I will predict now that if all goes to plan there will be some chocolate coloured capsicums on the menu at Milkwood early next year.


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2 responses to “Community-scale food thinking – comments by Joyce

  1. cannot wait to come to the market garden course in sept! so much to learn! wow! i have been a follower of milkwood for a little while now … and am fast becoming an Allsun fan too! the timing for this course in our families lives could not be better! hubby has just gotten a great job in rural NSW …. which means moving from the ‘burbs to enjoy this amazing country …. reclaim some land and start our very own market garden farm! woohoo!!!!

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